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Why not make things more personal with your very own branding here at

Just come in and discuss your ideas or bring a simple sketch, then let our design team turn your idea into artwork that then can be placed on a garment or product of your choice.

We can print on a large range of products from fabric, wood, metal and plastic. You name it we do it!

A one stop shop for many different printing methods from silkscreen to laser and many more in between. Your one stop print shop.

Many of our customers have rather challenging requests, but we very rarely say no, but always give our customer a first class service.

We have printed on boards for roads, ice, snow and surf. We can even source the boards and deliver worldwide.

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Don't worry we have thousands of other products to choose from. Click on one of the online catalogues below.

If you still can not find what you are looking for then just get in touch and we will find it for you.

We are proud to offer our all our branding options for your products all under our roof in our in-house production studio. We’re here to offer our expertise and advice to you to aid you in your enquiry – we have the solution to fit your specification, timescale, budget and quantity. If it can be done – Bigdog can do it! Contact us via phone or by email to start the conversation.

Find out more about the product branding options we offer below:


This process is where the image is printed straight onto the garment, much like a picture onto a piece of paper. The inks embed into the garment and are heat pressed to seal in the image.

This is a full colour option and works much better when printing onto a lighter coloured garment. DTG cannot be used when the garment is polyester.

The maximum width of an image for DTG is 25cm.

View our examples to see the process and how the direct to garment looks when completed.


This process is specifically used whereby a very sharp crisp image is required (where a single colour is used or perhaps just text) – ideal for brands or wording – the variety of vinyl is very wide in terms of colour, thickness, texture & finish, and this is production process that can be used on all types of garment.


Vinyl is heat sealed to the garment using a press. The vinyl sits on the garment.


Screen print is where the design is printed through a meshed screen. Similar to a stencil, areas of the screen are blocked, while the ink passes through the open areas and onto the substrate.

Each colour of a design gets its own screen and then these are ‘layered’ in the print process, until the full colour design is printed.

We can print single colours, to 3 colours.


Screen print has a long lasting finish and can look amazing on light and dark garments.


This process is used where a full colour image can be printed onto vinyl and heat sealed to the garment.


The finish is very crisp and similarly to single colour vinyl – there is a wide variety of vinyl options.

The type of vinyl used would depend on the type of garment it is being used on, for example – a polyester garment will burn if heat sealing the vinyl, so we specifically use a vinyl that presses in 5 seconds.

This process is great for sports kits, recycled polyester, Hi-viz garments.


Sublimation is where the design is printed in reverse onto special paper and then heat sealed to a garment – the image embeds into the fibre of the cloth and feels seamless.

Sublimation is specifically used for polyester garments such as sports kits, running tops and Hi-Viz garments.

The largest image we can print is A3 in size.


This is the most robust way to personalise any garment, however the limitations will be on the flexibility of colours and the sharpness of the image…our embroidery machines will stitch up to 10 colours per logo.

The brand or logo image needs to be converted to a digitized file which then can be embroidered into the garment.


The process is slightly slower depending on the complexity and size of the logo to be embroidered.

No Heat sealing takes place on the garment in this process.


We also convert images to laser files so that we can etch your image on a number of different media, such as wood, metal, stone and plastic.


The laser will cut up to 8mm deep, with a limit of 60cm square. This process can also be used to cut shapes or logos out of thin plywood.


Sticker marketing is by no means a new concept, stickers are very useful for campaigns thanks to their durable and visible appeal.

We offer both matt and gloss sticker printing. Our service is sure to meet the most demanding expectations.


We can help you with the design or print your personalised self-adhesive labels to help your business stand out.


We also offer custom vinyl window stickers, so let your imagination run wild and craft unique designs certain to impress.

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