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PZ Cussons SM20  Portwest Spill Pads


200 oil/water maintenance spill pads


These pads have open edges for quick wicking. High strength spunboundcoverstocks prevent lint sticking to machine parts and hold the padstogether even when saturated. Each pad absorbs 0.8 litres.


These products are grey in colour and willabsorb all kinds of industrial liquids includingoil based and water based spills. Ideal for use inindustrial situations where many differentliquids are present at the same time


Portwest have developed a range of spill control products that efficiently manageany industrial liquid hazard. These products are now needed to comply withhealth and safety regulations and are your first line of defence against avariety of spills.


  • BS 7959-1
  • BS 7959-3
  • Grey - absorbs industrial liquids
  • Meltblown Polypropylene
  • 0.8 litres per pad

PZ Cussons SM20 Portwest Spill Pads x200

VAT Included
Colour: Grey
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