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PZ Cussons Albatros Ultratrail Gray Low S3 ESD HRO SRC


The Albatros Ultratrail Gray Low S3 ESD HRO SRC safety shoes are one of the models of the XTS Trail collection that have been awarded the prestigious German design Award 2020!


A shoe with a thousand facets, suitable to meet the needs of a vast and varied public, including women, always very attentive to fashion trends. Study, design, cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials are the basis of the Ultratrail Gray, which turn out to be complete footwear designed for use in many different work environments.



  • Completely metal free footwear, ideal for use in environments with metal detectors, such as banks, shops and factories of precious goods, public offices, museums, airports, etc.
  • ESD certification, with low dissipation of electrical charges accumulated by the human body; ESDs avoid the so-called electric shock and are suitable for use in particular work environments in the presence of chemicals, explosive materials or in rooms with electronic equipment and microchips at risk of explosions or fires.
  • Upper in full-grain leather and fabric inserts that ensure lightness, flexibility and tenacity.
  • Breathable, absorbent, desorbent lining.
  • Anatomic, breathable, antibacterial comfit Air insole.
  • NON-metallic protective foil, coated in ceramic material that avoids any problem from perforations.
  • Super resistant, light, antistatic, non-magnetic fiberglass toecap.
  • HRO rubber sole resistant to heat contact up to 300 ° C, with shock absorbing Impulse Foam midsole that absorbs the impact energy of walking, returning positive energy tread with a high grip to the floor.

PZ Cussons Albatros Ultratrail Gray Low S3 ESD HRO SRC

VAT Included
Colour: Black
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